1. Pack your module / circuit board.

Simply pack your item securely in a stout cardboard box.
(We don't recommend jiffy bags!)

2. Before you seal it up....

Please enclose a note stating:
* Your Name (as shown on your order)
* Your email
* Your phone no.
* Brief fault symptom(s)
* What we should do if the board is unrepairable (scrap it or return it @ £5)

3. Address your label to....

QER Ltd (Website Orders)
Quality House
Reedlands Rd
CA14 3YF

4. If you are sending from abroad...

Please contact us before ordering, as we do not ship to some countries, and we will also require an additional payment to cover the extra shipping costs.
When completing customs documentation, you must state the value as no more than £20 or $20, so that we have no import duties to pay.
Otherwise we may refuse to accept the goods.

Our happy customers

"..you have saved me over £500
Many thanks"
Trevor D, Telford

Great job, worked first time.
(Renault quoted £238 +VAT less 10% discount)"
Hugh, Ballymena

"Well done guys! Received the item in under 24hrs, Part fitted and everything 100%."
(eBay ID b******11)

"Thanks item works perfectly as described."
(eBay ID m******12)

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Customer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to our customers

All repairs are carried out in-house by our experienced technicians.
We use only top quality components.

All products carry a full 12 month guarantee.